The Wolfdog is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing an artic wolf with a large dog breed. The physical appearance of this dog varies according to the dog breeds that are used in breeding. In general it is very large and well proportioned. The face has a wolf appearance. It has a long and tapering muzzle and an almost invisible stop. The ears are triangular in shape and medium size. Its limbs are typically long and muscular. It has a deep and narrow chest. The coat of this breed is usually very thick and straight.


Since the Wolfdog can consist of a wide variety of parents, it is very difficult to determine its temperament. The breed is generally very intelligent, courageous, and loyal. It is not recommended as a pet for children. Most types do not have an aggressive nature, but will protect their family. This makes it an excellent guard dog. It may treat small animals as predators. Training is essential for this breed.

Height and Weight

The Wolfdog varies in size, but is generally 26 or more inches tall and weighs as much as 100 or more pounds.

Health Problems

The Wolfdog is considered a healthy breed. Since it is a large breed it may suffer with hip dysplasia.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Wolfdog is a breed that is typically more suitable for outdoor living conditions. In general, this breed prefers open spaces to small apartments. If kept outdoors in an urban area, it is best that the breed live within a well-built fence of moderate size.


The Wolfdog should have a lot of endurance and a high energy level. It is a working breed that will usually obtain plenty of exercise on its own.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Wolfdog is undetermined.

Litter Size

The Wolfdog may have as few as 3 or as many as 9 puppies.


Since a Wolfdog can have any variety of dog breed as one of its parents, it is very difficult to determine its grooming needs. In general, the coat should be easily maintained by regular brushing.


The origin of the Wolfdog varies according to the breeds used to develop it.




The coat of the Wolfdog varies, but is typically a shade varying between white, gray, and black.