Wire Fox Terrier


The Wire Fox Terrier is a breed that is well built and well proportioned. Its coat is very thick and wiry. The coat is short and equal in length over most of its body. A tuft of fur extends from its chin to give its signature appearance. The breed has limbs that are sturdy. Its well muscled and angled back legs offer it speed and quickness. The front legs are straight. Its long and rectangular-shaped head is very distinct. The ears are triangular and smaller than average. The ears are very small and fold down toward the eyes. It has a neck that is average in length. The neck is not very long, but well muscled. The neck extends to a straight back that is short in length.


The Wire Fox Terrier is a breed that is very lively and expressive. It is generally easy with children and other pets. However, it may display aggression toward other dogs and chase small pets in its home. This breed has an independent nature, but it enjoys pleasing its owner. It is an effective watch dog.

Height and Weight

The Wire Fox Terrier is about 16 inches tall and weighs 16-18 pounds.

Health Problems

The Wire Fox Terrier may develop eye conditions or irritations of the skin.

Ideal Living Conditions

The most suitable living environment for the Wire Fox Terrier is an enclosed yard of moderate size. This will enable the breed to run around free. This breed barks a lot, so it can disturb neighbors that are in close proximity.


The Wire Fox Terrier has a high energy. This breed must receive exercise on a daily basis. The best forms of exercise for this breed are those that involve vigorous activity.

Life Expectancy

The Wire Fox Terrier has an average life expectancy of 12-14 years.

Litter Size

The Wire Fox Terrier has an average litter size of 3-6 puppies.


Regular grooming is all the Wire Fox Terrier requires. The coat should be brushed or combed several times during the week. Trimming and stripping the coat is best performed by a professional groomer.


The Wire Fox Terrier originates from England. The breed has existed since about the mid 1800s




While reddish-brown, blue, and brindle are acceptable colors for the Wire Fox Terrier, white should cover a majority of its body.