White German Shepherd


The White German Shepherd is a breed well known for an appearance of strength. Its torso is long, but its body is well proportioned. The limbs are shorter than average, but strong. The legs in the front are straight, while the back legs are somewhat angular. It has a distinct-shape head. The muzzle is square and long. The breed’s eyes and nose are dark in color. Set above the eyes, the ears are triangular. It has an elongated and well-muscled neck that extends to its straight back and angled shoulders. The rib cage is well sprung and the chest is very deep. Its coat consists of a thick and straight outer layer and a smooth undercoat. The breed’s tail has a profuse amount of fur and usually hangs just above the hocks.


The White German Shepherd is a breed that is dedicated to protecting its family or whomever it is taught to watch. It is the breed’s general nature to act reserved around people it doesn’t know. Once it gets to know a person it is very friendly. It is important to train this breed early to eliminate a shy temperament. The breed responds well to training. An obedient and gentle breed, it is an appropriate companion for children. It also does well around other animals.

Height and Weight

The White German Shepherd is about 22-26 inches tall and weighs about 77-85 pounds.

Health Problems

The White German Shepherd may develop hip dysplasia, a common condition among dog breeds. It may also develop conditions of the eye, bloat, and skin irritations. These conditions are usually mild in nature, but should be evaluated by a veterinarian.

Ideal Living Conditions

While the White German Shepherd can easily adapt to living indoors or outdoors, it tends to be more active outdoors. When the breed resides outdoors, it should stay within an enclosed area that is larger than average in size.


The White German Shepherd has significant exercise needs. Training, traditional exercise, and playing all contribute to its daily need for physical activity.

Life Expectancy

The White German Shepherd has an average life expectancy of 12 years.

Litter Size

The White German Shepherd tends to have 5-10 puppies.


The straight and dense coat of the White German Shepherd does not require a significant amount of maintenance. Brushing or combing the coat on a regular basis is the main grooming tasks for this breed. The breed’s coat sheds more than most breeds. More maintenance of the coat is necessary during shedding season.


The White German Shepherd was developed in the U.S.




As indicated by its name, white is the only acceptable color for the White German Shepherd.