Welsh Terrier


Terriers are well-built dogs, and the Welsh Terrier is no different. This breed is generally square in shape. Its head is long and wedge-shaped. Set high above its eye level are ears that are smaller than average and triangular. The ears fold downward, but just at eye level. Its eyes are also small. This breed’s muzzle is broad and wedge-shaped. Its nose is always black. The neck is elongate and muscular. The neck angles somewhat to sloping shoulders and a straight back. This breed has a docked tail. The limbs are very muscular and strong. The front legs stand straight while the back legs stand well angled. This breed has a coat that is wiry and coarse. The coat is short over its entire body. Under the chin the breed has a tuft of fur that has the appearance of a beard.


The Welsh Terrier generally functions in two capacities. It is a good family dog and en effective hunting companion. It typically works to hunt small game. As a family pet, it is loyal, friendly, and spunky. The breed is very protective of its family and makes an effective watch dog. It will get along fine with children with good manners. This breed was developed to hunt small game and may chase small pets in its home. It is not usually aggressive with other dogs. The Welsh Terrier is responsive to training, but tends to be stubborn.

Height and Weight

The Welsh Terrier is 14-16 inches tall and weighs 19-21 pounds.

Health Problems

The Welsh Terrier tends to live a healthy life. The breed is not known to suffer from any genetic disorders or health problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

The most suitable environment for the Welsh Terrier is one with plenty of open space for it to expend its energy. This breed will usually adapt to confining living conditions, but it does best when it is close to its family.


The Welsh Terrier is a high-energy breed that loves playing with its owner or being active on its own. Training can take the place of exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Welsh Terrier tends to live 10-13 years.

Litter Size

The Welsh Terrier has an average litter size of 3-6 puppies.


The coat of the Welsh Terrier requires regular brushing and clipping. A professional groomer is recommended to strip the coat.


The Welsh Terrier originates from Wales. This breed was initially bred to hunt small game.




The Welsh Terrier is predominantly black in color. Except for the back, tail, chest, and thighs, the breed is light brown.