Toy Poodle


The Toy Poodle is a breed whose appearance is very distinct. The coat of this breed stands out more than any of its features. The coat is basically curly and very coarse. Its coat is usually clipped so that the skin at the limbs, saddle, and some of the tail show. The remaining fur is usually in the form of thick pompoms. This breed has an average-size head with a long and tapering muzzle. The ears are often obscured by the profuse amount of fur on its crown. The ears are long and average in size. The ears hang down at its chin. It has an elongated neck that extends to a straight back. Its chest is deep and broad. The limbs are straight in the front and well-angled in the back. Its tail is set above its top level and carried high.


The Toy Poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds. One of the reasons for its popularity is its temperament. It is a very loyal breed that gets along with everyone in its household. Is it very easy to train and learns tricks quickly. The breed is usually sociable. It can act reserved around people it doesn’t know. This breed craves attention from its family. Leaving this breed alone for an extended period of time can result in it becoming depressed. It has a significant amount of energy.

Height and Weight

The Toy Poodle is no taller than 10 inches and weighs 4-8 pounds.

Health Problems

There are some health conditions associated with the Toy Poodle. The most serious concerns for this breed include epilepsy, patellar luxation, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Some types may also develop eye conditions, entropion, and trichiasis. It is recommended that new owners have their dog evaluated for these conditions.

Ideal Living Conditions

The most suitable living conditions for the Toy Poodle is one that is indoors.


Although the Toy Poodle resides indoors, it remains fairly active. When taking outdoors for physical activity, all this breed needs is a regular walk.

Life Expectancy

The Toy Poodle has an average life span of 12-14 years.

Litter Size

The Toy Poodle has an average litter size of 2-5 puppies.


The Toy Poodle is well known for its unique coat. To achieve its appearance, a significant amount of grooming is needed for this breed. In addition to brushing/combing the coat to prevent matting, regular trimming is also recommended. A professional groomer is recommended for types that participate in show competitions.


The Toy Poodle is believed to have been developed in France sometime before the 1800s.


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The coat of the Toy Poodle may be a solid shade of a variety of colors in the gray, brown, orange, cream, silver, and gray.