Toy Fox Terrier


The Toy Fox Terrier has a strong build that is small in size. It stands on legs that are angular. The limbs are also very muscular. Its coat is soft and slick looking. The coat is most profuse around its collar. Its head is long with a somewhat defined stop. Its ears are set high above eye level and triangular. This breed has dark facial features. Its neck is well muscled and angles to its straight back. It has a deep chest. The tail is set above the back and carried straight.


The Toy Fox Terrier is a breed that is energetic, devoted, and amicable. It generally gets along with everyone in its household, including dogs and children. This breed is very feisty and makes a good watch dog. Family members will enjoys this breed’s light-hearted side. While the breed desires to please its owner, it tends to be stubborn during training sessions.

Height and Weight

The Toy Fox Terrier stands about 10 inches tall and weighs no more than 7 pounds.

Health Problems

The Toy Fox Terrier is not a breed with a lot of health problems. However, the breed may develop allergies.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Toy Fox Terrier adapts more easily to indoor living conditions. As long as there is sufficient space for it to be active, this breed will do fine in an apartment or ranch home.


The Toy Fox Terrier has an energy level that adapts to its living conditions. The breed will remain active indoors.

Life Expectancy

The Toy Fox Terrier has an average life expectancy of 13-14 years.

Litter Size

The Toy Fox Terrier has an average litter size of 2-3 puppies.


Brushing the coat of the Toy Fox Terrier on a regular basis is all the grooming that is necessary for this breed. Washing is recommended only as needed.


The Toy Fox Terrier originates from England. This breed was developed since the late 1800s.




The Toy Fox Terrier has a combination coat of light brown, black, and white.