A spotty coat consisting of white, brown, and black is characteristic of the Stabyhoun. The coat is somewhat long and very smooth. A coat with slightly wavy fur is acceptable for this breed. Its body is sturdy with well-muscled limbs. It has a head that is average in size with a wide muzzle. It has a vague stop. The nose and eyes are dark in color (usually brown). Its ears are set below eye level and hang down at its jaw line. The average length neck transitions smoothly to its level back. The tail has long fur and hangs past the hocks.


The Stabyhoun is a breed that gets along with everyone in its family. It is one of few breeds that coexists peacefully with other pets in its household and children. This breed has a tremendous amount of patience with young children, but children should be taught to treat the breed with kindness. The Stabyhoun is easy to train. It will usually grasp lesson quickly. It is also affectionate, well disciplined, and loyal.

Height and Weight

Male height: 20 inches Male weight: 55 pounds Female height: 19 inches Female weight: 45 pounds

Health Problems

The Stabyhoun is a very healthy breed. There are no significant health problems associated with this breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

Due to its high energy level, the more room the Stabyhoun has the better. It will do fine indoors as long as it has several opportunities for exercise. The coat of this breed is designed to protect it in cold weather.


Exercise is important for the Stabyhoun. This breed has a high energy level and should engage in vigorous physical activities on a regular basis.

Life Expectancy

The Stabyhoun has an average life expectancy of 13 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size of the Stabyhoun is 5 puppies.


Brushing is the most maintenance that the Stabyhoun requires. During shedding season the coat will require more brushing. Other than brushing, the coat of this breed is self-maintained for the most part. Washing is only recommended when necessary since washing can remove the coat’s natural oils.


The Stabyhoun is a breed that originated some time during the 19th century.


Gun Dog


The Stabyhoun is generally brown with white markings. The breed may also be a brown or light orange color with white markings.