South Russian Owtcharka


The South Russian Owtcharka, also referred to as the Russian Sheepdog, is a large breed with a very muscular build. Its head is massive with large ears that hang down past its chin. It has a well-defined stop and a somewhat narrowing muzzle. It has a prominent nose. The coat is very unique. It is long and thick with an untidy look. The breed’s limbs are muscular. The front legs are straight with slightly bent elbows. The back legs are only slightly angled. Its chest is deep and broad. The tail is long and almost touches the ground.


The South Russian Owtcharka is a good family dog, but should be watched when interacting with children and other pets in its household. This breed is known to have a quick and unpredictable temper. Socialization training is essential for this breed when it is a puppy. It has a protective and devoted nature that makes it both an excellent watchdog and guard dog.

Height and Weight

The South Russian Owtcharka is about 30 inches tall and weighs an average of 150 pounds.

Health Problems

The South Russian Owtcharka, in general, does not suffer from any genetic health conditions. The breed may develop hip dysplasia, a condition that affects many large breeds.

Ideal Living Conditions

The South Russian Owtcharka can adapt to indoor or outdoor living conditions. What is most important for this breed in terms of living environment is space. It requires a significant amount of space.


As long as there is sufficient space, the South Russian Owtcharka will obtain a greater of its physical exercise needs. It is very energetic and able to keep up with an owner that runs, jogs, or rides a bicycle.

Life Expectancy

The South Russian Owtcharka tends to live no more than 10 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size of the South Russian Owtcharka is 6 puppies.


Despite is unwieldy appearance, grooming is an essential task for an owner of the South Russian Owtcharka. This breed’s coat must be brushed several times each week. Trimming and clipping the coat are also important grooming tasks. It is recommended that the coat be washed only as needed.


As indicated by its name, the South Russian Owtcharka originates from South Russia.


Flock Guard


The coat of the South Russian Owtcharka is white in color.