Small Munsterlander


The Small Munsterlander is a well-muscled and well-proportioned breed. Its chest is deep and wide. The neck is thick and angles smoothly to its strong back. Its tail is set above its back and is average in length. This breed has a narrow head with a long and non-pointed muzzle. The stop is vague. Its ears are wide and are set above eye level. The ears do not flop, but hang close to its head. It has average-size facial features that are dark in color. It is supported by well-defined limbs. The front legs are straight and the back legs are moderately angled. Its coat is average in length and thick. The coat is generally straight, but it is acceptable for it to have some minimal curliness.


The Small Munsterlander is a very sociable breed. With training it can become the ideal family pet. It is a well-behaved breed that longs to please its owner. It is courageous, affectionate, and at times playful. It has a high intelligence level and is responsive to training. It is an effective guard dog.

Height and Weight

The Small Munsterlander is about 23-25 inches and weighs about 50-70 pounds.

Health Problems

There is not much known about any genetic problems with the Small Munsterlander.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Small Munsterlander is not suitable for small living conditions. It has a high energy level and needs plenty of space for running and playing.


Due to its high energy level, the Small Munsterlander requires daily opportunities for physical activity. This breed can endure high-performance activities, such as running. It is also an excellent swimmer. If its owner prefers less vigorous exercise, this breed can adapt to less demanding physical activity, such as a long walk. What’s more important is that it receive daily exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Small Munsterlander has an average life expectancy of 13 years.

Litter Size

The Small Munsterlander has an average of 8 puppies.


The coat of the Small Munsterlander does not require a significant amount of maintenance, but it should be brushed on a regular basis. This breed’s coat is naturally water repellant and should not be washed too often, since this can ruin the coat.




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The Small Munsterlander is typically a solid brown color.