The Sloughi is a breed with an elegant and strong build. Its lean body features an elongated neck and slightly sloping, but strong shoulders. The neck extends to a straight back. It has a rib cage that is well sprung. The head is average in size and features a long muzzle that grows narrow as it approaches the nose. Its chest is deep, but narrow. It has long legs. The front legs are straight. The hindquarters feature well-muscled hocks and moderately angled back legs. The ears are medium-sized and hang past the jaw line. Its coat is short and smooth.


The Sloughi is a breed that protects its family and loves to spend time with them. It is usually reserved toward new people at first, then warms up to them. It generally will coexist with other dogs. The breed has a strong instinct toward prey and may treat small animals as such. If there are small pets in its home, supervision is recommended when it in their close proximity. This breed has a tendency to be shy. Socialization training this breed at puppy age can help to prevent shyness.

Height and Weight

The Sloughi is about 24-29 inches tall and weighs 45-60 pounds.

Health Problems

The Sloughi is generally a healthy breed. There are no genetic conditions associated with this breed. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a common condition. Some types of this breed may develop PRA.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Sloughi is not suitable for small living conditions. It is a moderate size breed that needs a significant amount of space for physical activity.


The amount of exercise that the Sloughi is associated with its general well being. This breed can become discontent if it does not get sufficient physical exercise. A few hours each day should be spent with this breed. This time can involve exercise, play, and/or training.

Life Expectancy

The Sloughi has an average life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The Sloughi has an average litter size of 6 puppies.


The short and smooth coat of the Sloughi only requires occasional brushing. More brushing is required when the coat sheds, but this breed does not shed very much.


The Sloughi was first bred in North Africa. Quickness and agility were the focus of its development




The color of the Sloughi varies. It is typically a very light brown color. A brownish-red coat is also acceptable. The breed may have a black mask.