Shiloh Shepherd


The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed with a well-built frame and bone structure. It has a long torso that is well muscled. The back is level and wide. It too is muscular. Its thick and somewhat long neck flows to its shoulders. This breed has an average size head. Its muzzle is wide, but tapers at reaches the nose. There is a vague stop. It has average-size eyes that are shaped like almonds. The ears are set erect on the head. Its front legs are heavy with strong bone. The hocks are muscular and angled. The chest is deep. The breed’s tail has a profuse amount of fur and is set in line with its back. The tail is carried low. The top layer of its coat is thick, but flat against its body.


The Shiloh Shepherd is considered a good family pet. It tends to have an even temper and is an active guard dog for its family. The breed has a high intelligence and responds well to training. Simple tricks do not suffice for this breed. It enjoys training that is challenging. Although the breed is generally friendly, it is best to train them how to behave; the younger the breed is when training takes the place the better. The breed is self-assured and gentle.

Height and Weight

Male height: 28-30 inches Male weight: 120-160 pounds Female height: 26-28 inches Female weight: 80-120 pounds

Health Problems

The Shiloh Shepherd is basically healthy, but is associated with some health problems. Some types may develop congenital heart disease, panostetitis, and thyroid problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

An environment, such as a countryside is the type of living condition that is recommended for the Shiloh Shepherd. This breed has a lot of energy and cannot sustain small living spaces. All the breed is enough space to run around. A suburban environment is fine as long as the home has a yard that is of moderate size and enclosed.


The Shiloh Shepherd is a healthy breed that loves vigorous physical activity. It will equally enjoy a long walk or run. It has the stamina to accompany its owner while they exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Shiloh Shepherd lives an average of 14 years.

Litter Size

The Shiloh Shepherd has an average of 6 puppies.


The Shiloh Shepherd has a coat that sheds heavily. During most of the year only regular brushing is required. When the coat sheds more frequent brushing is needed.


The Shiloh Shepherd was developed in the early 1970s from a German Shepherd and Malamute.




There are a variety of colors that are acceptable for the Shiloh Shepherd. It may have a solid coat or a coat of a combination of shades. Minimal White markings on the chest and feet are acceptable.