Shiba Inus


The Shiba Inus is an average-sized breed that has features that are similar to the chow. Its coat consists of a coarse top layer and a soft bottom layer. Both layers of the coat are thick. The breed’s head is also one of its distinguishing features. It is large with a moderate muzzle. There is also a prominent stop. Its ears are “V” shaped and small. Its eyes and nose are dark in color. This breed’s body stands erect. The front and back legs are angular and well muscled. The neck is broad and elongated, extends in a natural arch to its straight back. The chest is deep and somewhat wide. The tail curls up and over its back.


The Shiba-Inus is usually a good-natured breed. It is generally obedient, but does have a mind of its own at times. Bad social habits, such as becoming aggressive with other dogs, may be lessened with training. The breed is fine with children, but its energy level may be inappropriate for very young children.

Height and Weight

Male height: 14-16 inches Male weight: 20-30 pounds Female height: 13-15 inches Female weight: 20-30 pounds

Health Problems

There are no major health conditions associated with the Shiba Inus. Some types may develop patellar luxation.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Shiba Inus has a moderate energy level that makes it more suitable for outdoor living conditions. The breed can adjust to living indoors, as long as its has some opportunities for outdoor activity. In addition, this breed loves to be close ot its family.


Exercise is important for all breeds. The Shiba Inus in particular benefits from mental exercise as well as physical activity. The breed is strong and has a high endurance level. It can handle most types of exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Shiba Inus has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Shiba Inus has an average of 3 puppies.


The unique coat of the Shiba Inus is best maintained with regular brushing. If a bristle brush is handy, this works best on this breed’s coat. Since the coat is naturally water repellant, washing the coat is only recommended occasionally. More than this could ruin the coat.


The Shiba Inus is an ancient breed developed in Japan. The breed was bred solely to assist hunters o




The Shiba Inus is a solid red or black. It may also have a combination coat of black and light brown, or black and white.