The Scoodle is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Poodle with a Scottish Terrier. This breed’s appearance may vary according to the traits it inherits from its parents. The breed is generally small with short limbs. It has an average-size head with prominent eyes and nose. The head usually features a vague stop. The tail of this breed is usually medium in length. The coat is either short and wiry or medium in length and curly.


The temperament of the Scoodle may vary. It is typically a courageous breed that seeks to protect its family. It has a friendly nature, but may snap if teased. This breed is energetic and loves playing with children. It is intelligent, but may be stubborn when trained. It is a good watchdog and family companion.

Height and Weight

The Scoodle is typically 8-14 inches tall and weighs 9-15 pounds.

Health Problems

The health of hybrid breeds is typically better than pure breeds. Pure breeds are often plagued with genetic disorders. These disorders are not inherited with hybrid breed. At this time, the Scoodle does not have any genetic health conditions.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Scoodle is most suitable for indoor living conditions. It may reside in an apartment or other small environment.


As long as the Scoodle has sufficient space, it will obtain the exercise it needs on its own.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Scoodle cannot be determined because the breed has not been in existence for many years.

Litter Size

The average litter size for the Scoodle is 3-7 puppies.


Grooming the Scoodle can be a relatively easy task or one involving more time. The coat of types that inherit more of the Scottish Terrier features tend to have a luxurious appearance, but only usually require regular brushing. This type usually sheds lightly a couple of times each year. Types with a coat similar to the Poodle parent will require more maintenance, including regular visits to a groomer for trimming and bathing.


The Scoodle originates in the United States.




The coat of the Scoodle may vary in color. The common colors for this breed include brindle, wheaten, and black.