The Schipperke has a frame that is unique in appearance. The coat is basically very thick and coarse, and stands straight out from its skin. The coat is most profuse at the neck and chest and the front of the body. The breed’s head is average in size with a somewhat long muzzle. Its ears are smaller than average and set above the eyes. They are long at the base and narrow to a pointed tip. Its nose and eyes are also small. It has an elongated neck that is somewhat obscured by thick fur. The neck extends to a sloping back. The chest is both wide and deep. The legs are well-proportioned, but not too long. This breed does not have a tail.


The Schipperke is an obedient and devoted breed, It is a great pet. The breed is confident and watchful. It will protect its family from intruders. It will do fine with children, but it should not be left alone with them as is recommended with any breed. It is also good with pets. it will not display aggression toward strangers that are welcomed to the home, but it may treat them with distrust. Training this breed early is a good idea. It has a natural curious nature.

Height and Weight

Male height: 11-13 inches Male weight: 12-16 pounds Female height: 10-12 inches Female weight: 12-16 pounds

Health Problems

The Schipperke is generally healthy and on average lives nearly 20 years long. There are some health problems that this breed may develop, but these are very rare. Some types may develop hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Schipperke can live just about anywhere where there is a lot of space for it to get physical exercise. A fence should enclose the area where it lives so that it doesn’t escape.


When left alone in a large area, the Schipperke will typically obtain the exercise it needs. It is recommended that in addition to its own physical activity, that its owner spends some time with it. A daily is sufficient for this breed.

Life Expectancy

The Schipperke has an unusually long average life expectancy. Most breeds will live 10-14 years. This breed lives an average of 16-18 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size for the Schipperke is 3-7 puppies.


Standard grooming is all that is required for the Schipperke. The coat can be washed, but only when it is necessary.


The Schipperke originates from Belgium. It is an ancient breed




The only color that is acceptable for the Schipperke is black.