Scalyham Terrier


The Sealyham Terrier is a breed of compacted space and strength. Its body is flexible. The frame is level at the back with strong shoulders and limbs. The tail is usually docked and stands erect. It has a long and wide head with a lengthy muzzle and a prominent stop. The facial features are average in size. There is moderate distance between the ears as well as between the eyes. The ears are set above eye level and fold toward the face. The neck is well muscled and extends to its somewhat sloping shoulders. The breed’s coat is soft and thick at the bottom layer. The top coat is wiry.


The Sealyham Terrier is a sociable and spirited breed. It is loyal and loving. This breed demands attention. It may become discontent if it is ignored or has insufficient interaction with people. It is fine with children as long as it is trained. Supervision is recommended. This breed must be socialized; the younger the better. It has a tendency to be stubborn, so training should be performed by someone with firm handling. How it gets along with other pets depends on how well it has been trained. Some types may act aggressively toward other dogs or small animals.

Height and Weight

The Scalyham Terrier tends to stand about 10 inches tall. The breed weighs no more than about 24 pounds.

Health Problems

The Scalyham Terrier is a breed that is generally healthy. The breed may develop hip dysplasia and deafness. It is also susceptible to allergies of the skin. It is best to have the breed evaluated by a professional.

Ideal Living Conditions

Although it tends to easily adapt to indoor living conditions fairly easily, the Scalyham Terrier is more suited for outdoor living conditions. The breed is also more suitable for cooler climates.


The Scalyham Terrier has a high energy level. The breed must be able to expend its energy. If it doesn’t obtain sufficient exercise it may become discontent and destructive. A daily walk is fine for this breed.

Life Expectancy

The Scalyham Terrier has an average life expectancy of 15 years.

Litter Size

The Scalyham Terrier has an average of 3-6 puppies.


While regular brushing and combing can be performed by its owner, the services of a professional groomer may be necessary to maintain the coat of the Scalyham Terrier. A professional groomer is recommended when the breed’s coat needs trimming and stripping. The good news is that this breed doesn’t shed heavily, so regular brushing is all that is required most often.


The Scalyham Terrier was developed in the 1800s by a sea captain of Wales




The Scalyham Terrier is a solid color of white. Minimal markings of light brown or yellow are acceptable for this breed, as long as they exist only on the ears and head.