The Saluki has an elegant and nimble in appearance. Built similar to a Greyhound, its frame is moderately is moderately lean. When viewing the breed’s profile, the well-sprung rib cage is very apparent. Its chest is very deep as it extends, but is not very broad. Its long, hanging ears are a distinctive characteristic. It also has a long tail that it carries low. The breed is long with a moderately long and pointed muzzle. There is a slight stop. The elongated neck is muscular, but not too thick. Its speed and agility stem from its long back and front legs. The slightly angled back legs feature hocks that are low and strong. The front legs are positioned straight and are also well muscled. Its coat is very soft to the touch and luxurious. The coat lies close over most of its body. It is slightly more profuse at the thighs.


The Saluki has a gentle nature and makes a perfect family pet. It is well-behaved and easily responds to training. It is recommended that training for this breed begin when it is a puppy. If not properly trained it can become very unsociable. Regardless of training, the breed is naturally standoffish with people it doesn’t know. Although it has a gentle nature, it was developed to hunt game and may not do well with small pets in its household. It is typically good with children that are well-behaved and that do not attempt to mistreat it.

Height and Weight

The Saluki stands about 23-28 inches tall and weighs 29-66 pounds.

Health Problems

There are no genetic health problems associated with the Saluki, however, some have developed cancer and problems with its eye. The breed’s think coat makes it susceptible to harmful sun rays. Its coat should be moisturized if it is going to be out in the sun for an extended amount of time.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Saluki must live outdoors. The most suitable living conditions for this breed is a country home where there is plenty of room for it to engage in physical exercise. The breed can adapt to living indoors, but it will become inactive, which is very unhealthy.


The Saluki that lives in an environment that is characterized by large open spaces is one that will get plenty of physical exercise. When outdoors, the breed must live within a fenced area so that it does not attempt to escape. The enclosure should be fairly tall.

Life Expectancy

The Saluki lives an average of 10-14 years.

Litter Size

The Saluki has an average of 5-7 puppies.


The Saluki does not have a long coat, so its only needs occasional brushing. The coat may also be combed. The breed’s coat will require more brushing or combing during shedding season, but not very much more since the breed does not shed heavily. The ears of the Saluki should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis.


The Saluki originates from Egypt. It is an ancient breed




The acceptable colors for the Saluki are red, light brown, white, cream, and yellow. The breed may also have a combination coat comprised of light brown, white, and black.