Saarloos Wolfdog


The “wolf” part of Saaroos Wolfdog was not arbitrarily given to the breed. This breed’s appearance very closely resembles a wolf. Its head is somewhat triangular in shape with a flat skull. Its ears are also wedge-shaped, but not too pointed at the top. The ears are set about the same level as the eyes and are average in size. The body is well proportioned. Both the front and back legs are long, well muscled, and straight. The breed’s back is level. The tail is set lower than the back. It has a wide chest.


The Saarloos Wolfdog is a breed that is high-spirited and generally good-natured. Its loyalty is with its owner, but it will seek to protect all of its family. It is aloof toward strangers. If there are other dogs in the household, it will usually get along with them fine. This is a natural trait that is associated with it being developed a pack breed. It is responsive to training, but often displays an independent attitude that may come across as it being stubborn.

Height and Weight

The Saarloos Wolfdog stands an average of 24-30 inches and weighs and average of 79-90 pounds.

Health Problems

The Saarloos Wolfdog is a very healthy breed. There are presently no known health problems associated with this breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Saarloos Wolfdog is more suitable for large open spaces. It can live in a suburban environment, but it does best in an urban environment, such as a ranch. It also does better in cold weather.


The Saarloos Wolfdog has a high energy level. The breed must have daily exercise to stay content. As long as the breed’s living condition provide it sufficient space, it will likley obtain all the exercise it needs on its own.

Life Expectancy

The Saarloos Wolfdog generally lives 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The Saarloos Wolfdog has an average of 5-10 puppies.


The coat of the Saarloos Wolfdog only requires washing occasionally. It does need to be brushed or combed several times each week.


The Saarloos Wolfdog originates from the Netherlands.




The Saarloos Wolfdog is usually a solid shade of brown, cream, white, or black.