Redbone Coonhound


The Redbone Coonhound is an attractive breed with a muscular build. Its head is average size with an average stop. The ears are long and hang loosely at the sides of its head. Its body is strong and well defined. The breed’s neck is medium in length and extends smoothly to its back. The tail is set in line with its back and carried in an upright position. The coat is close to the body and has a glossy shine.


The redbone Coonhound is a great family pet and hunting companion. Bred to hunt large game, this breed has a natural toughness. However, it is easy going when around its family. It is a breed that will do fine with children and other pets. The breed is a better watchdog than it is a good guard dog. It desires to please its owner and will display unwavering devotion. It loves learning and is definitely responsive to training.

Height and Weight

The Redbone Coonhound is an average of 21-27 inches and an average of 50-70 pounds.

Health Problems

The Redbone Coonhound is a very healthy breed. There are no genetic health conditions associated with this breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Redbone Coonhound can easily adapt to outdoor or indoor living conditions. The breed does fine indoors, but tends to be inactive. Indoor types will require more exercise. If kept outdoors, this breed should be enclosed within a fenced yard of moderate size. It has a coat that will protect it in most climates.


The Redbone Coonhound should have regular exercise. It is recommended that the breed engage in physical activity that is vigorous. It can accompany its owner jogging, hiking, and hunting. The breed is also an excellent swimmer.

Life Expectancy

The Redbone Coonhound lives an average of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Redbone Coonhound has an average of 6-10 puppies.


The shiny coat of the Redbone Coonhound does not require a significant amount of grooming. It is recommended that the coat is brushed at least once a week.


The Redbone Coonhound is an American breed that was developed in the mid 19th century.




Red is the only acceptable color for the Redbone Coonhound. The coat may have minimal white markings.