The appearance of the Puggle may vary. The coat is distinctive and may be either short and smooth or medium and length and curly. It may have a massive head with prominent features. Types that follow the Poodle line tend to have features that are not as prominent. The head is usually round in shape with a short muzzle and well-defined stop. Its limbs should be sturdy and muscular.


There are a significant number of good qualities about the Puggle’s temperament. While its temperament may vary, there are some common characteristics. It is usually very sociable and gentle. Usually patient and playful, this breed should make a good companion for children. It tends to get along with other dogs, but may not coexist peacefully with other pets. This breed is intelligent and usually responds well to training. Some types may have a stubborn nature.

Height and Weight

The Puggle varies in size. It may have a height of 8-15 inches and a weight of 10-25 pounds.

Health Problems

Currently, there are no health problems associated with the Puggle.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Puggle will usually do fine in outdoor or indoor enviornments. If it resides outdoors, it may require a moderate-size yard. Indoor types usually remain active.


A lively and energetic nature are common attributes of the Puggle. This breed loves playing and as long as it keeps busy will get the exercise it needs on its own. Inactive types should have a daily walk.

Life Expectancy

There is no average life span associated with the Puggle since it is a hybrid breed that has only been in existence for a short amount of time.

Litter Size

The average litter of the Puggle is 3-7 puppies.


The Puggle is more often a short-haired breed, however, its coat may have more length and curl. The short-coat types only require minimal brushing and washing only when necessary. Types with a longer coat require more maintenance.


The Puggle originates from the United States.




The coat of the Puggle may vary in color. The coat is typically tan with black markings.