The Pomchi is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Pomeranian and Chihuahua. The breed has a distinct round head with a muzzle that narrows toward the nose. The eyes are round in shape and larger than average. The ears are moderate in size and stand erect. The breed’s coat may vary between being very short and very long. The breed’s torso is long. It has short limbs.


The Pomchi is a hybrid breed whose temperament may vary. In general, it is good-natured and affectionate. The breed enjoys being close to its family and will attempt to protect them. It is a very courageous breed that makes a good watchdog. The breed seeks to please its owner, but may act a bit stubborn. This breed is responsive to training.

Height and Weight

The Pomchi is 6-9 inches tall and weighs 2-10 pounds.

Health Problems

Hybrid breeds may have health problems, but they have not existed long enough for problems to surface. The Pomchi is not currently associated with any health conditions.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Pomchi is more suitable for indoor living conditions. It can live comfortable in small spaces, such as an apartment or townhouse. This breed is not suitable for cold enfironments.


The Pomchi is a breed that gets most of the exercise it needs on its own. As long as it has sufficient space it will get plenty of exercise.

Life Expectancy

It is not currently possible to determine the average life expectancy of the Pomchi.

Litter Size

The Pomchi may have as few as 3 and as many as 8 puppies.


Grooming the Pomchi requires brushing at the very least. The breed’s skin is delicate, so it is recommended that the


United States




The Pomchi is usually medium brown, gray, grayish-blue, or light brown.