Polish Owczarek Nizinny


The Polish Owczarek Nizninny is also called the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. It is a breed with a long shaggy coat. The breed has a happy expression although the eyes are barely visible through its long coat. The breed has very dark features. The nose is usually black and the eyes are s shade of light or dark brown. In addition to its face and the crown of its head, the breed’s coat is also profuse at the legs and ears. The legs are well muscled and strong. The breed usually does not have a tail.


The Polish Owczarek Nizinny has a pleasant temperament to match its happy appearance. It enjoys being close to its family. It is not an aggressive breed, but it will alert its family when strangers arrive to the household. It does not easily trust visitors to the household. This breed is intelligent. It does well with training, but needs a serious trainer. Learning simple tricks is not sufficient for this breed; it prefers work over play. The breed is obedient, but has a stubborn streak. It loves children and will do fine with other animals, as long as the breed is properly socialized.

Height and Weight

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny is an average of 16-20 inches tall and weighs an average of 30-35 pounds.

Health Problems

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny is very healthy. There are no genetic health problems associated with this breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

The ideal home for the Polish Owczarek Nizinny is one with lots of space. However, the breed loves being in the company of its family and will appreciate living indoors. The long coat of the breed makes it more suitable for cooler climates.


Exercise is natural for the Polish Owczarek Nizinny because it was bred to work. It requires a lot of hardy exercise. While it will do fine in a suburban back yard that is well fenced, it is recommended that this breed live in a rural environment where it can have plenty of room for physical activity.

Life Expectancy

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny has an average litter size of 4-5 puppies.


It is natural for long-haired breeds to require more maintenance, and the Polish Owczarek Nizinny is no exception. Is shaggy coat that is very thick should be brushed as often as possible. The coat can easily become matted and tangled. The coat requires more maintenance when the coat is shedding.






The coat of the Polish Owczarek Nizinny may exist in any color. The breed is usually a grayish color.