The Pointer has a body that is built for endurance. Its back legs are straight and muscular. Its strong thighs give it the power of speed. The front legs are also straight and strong. The breed has a strong back slopes slightly from the shoulders to the tail. The tail hangs down low by the hocks. The breed is medium in size with a long muzzle. There is a definite stop. The ears fold in toward the face. The breed has an elongated neck that angles to the back. Its coat is thick, close to the body, and glossy.


The Pointer is definitely one of the best hunting dogs. Very few types function outside of a working capacity. However, the breed can easily adapt to being a household pet. It tends to get along with other pets and children. While it is playful, this breed should not be left alone with children who are small or very young. The Pointer is very smart and is highly trainable. It is devoted to its owner and will serve to protect, although it can be intimidated. The breed has to warm up to people it doesnтАЩt know. In addition to hunting, it has a talent for show competition.

Height and Weight

Male height: 25-28 inches Male weight: 55-75 pounds Female height: 23-26 inches Female weight: 44-65 pounds

Health Problems

The Pointer is generally a healthy breed. The breed is susceptible to developing entropion, a condition characterized by the eyelid (usually the bottom one) turning inward. In the short term this condition can cause severe irritation. If it not evaluated by a veterinarian, this condition can worsen and eventually lead to blindness. Some types may develop cataracts.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Pointer is a high-energy breed that needs lots of space. Small living conditions, such as an apartment, are not recommended for this breed. The breed will do best in a well-fenced yard that is at least medium sized.


Without sufficient exercise the Pointer can become a very discontent and destructive breed. It requires ample exercise on a daily basis. Most of its exercise needs are obtained on its own, if it resides outdoor in a moderate size yard. This breed needs more than a daily walk. It enjoys high-energy physical activity, such as running.

Life Expectancy

The Pointer has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Pointer has an average of 5-6 puppies.


The coat of the Pointer is short and usually doesnтАЩt require much maintenance. Brushing the coat occasionally should be sufficient to remove any fur that is shedding. More brushing is required twice a year during shedding season, but this breedтАЩs coat does not shed heavily.


The Pointer originated in England around the mid 1960s.


Gun Dog


The Pointer is typically a solid shade of yellow, red, black, or orange. The coat may have white markings.