The Pekepoo is an hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Pekingese and a Poodle. Its physical appearance may vary, but there are some common characteristics. The breed’s coat is probably most common in appearance. it is usually medium length and either curly or wavy. Its torso tends to be long with short limbs It has a smaller average head that is in proportion to its body. The muzzle is short with a definite stop and prominent nose. The eye are medium in size. The crown of the head is usually flat. The ears are typically far apart and set high above eye level. The ears usually are wide at the base and hang down freely. The breed’s tail is usually profuse and carried over its back.


The Pekepoo has a temperament that can vary, but it can’t help but to have some traits since these are common to both of its parents. It is usually feisty and bold. Great effort is needed to train this breed because it is usually very strong willed. The breed’s level of affection may vary greatly. It may follow its Poodle parent and love attention and praise from its family and desire to give them affection. If it follows its Pekingese parent it enjoys the company of its family, but is usually not affectionate. The breed can bark excessively. It is an effective watchdog. Its playful nature appreciates children.

Height and Weight

The Pekepoo is about 6-13 inches tall and weighs 12-18 pounds.

Health Problems

The health outlook of hybrid breeds is generally more positive than pure breeds. At this time there are no health problems associated with the Pekepoo.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Pekepoo is an indoor breed. It prefers being close to its family and will typically remain active indoors. It may bark excessively.


The Pekepoo is a breed that will usually get the exercise it needs without any intervention from its owner. However, it is recommended that this breed obtain additional opportunities of exercise, such as training or a daily walk.

Life Expectancy

The Pekepoo is a hybrid breed that is has not existed long enough to determine its average life span.

Litter Size

The Pekepoo may have as few as 3 and as many as 8 puppies.


The Pekepoo may require a significant amount of grooming. The amount of grooming necessary to maintain this breed’s coat depends on the characteristics it inherits. Types that inherit coat quality of its Poodle parent will typically require more grooming, which includes regular brushing, washing, and trimming. The coat of other types will usually do fine with regular brushing.


The Pekepoo is a hybrid breed that was developed in the United States.




The coat of the Pekepoo may vary in color, but is typically gray, brown, or white with markings.