The Papillon is a gentle breed with a very uniuqe appearance. The breed is small and well developed. This breed’s coat is luxurious and profuse. On most of the body the fur lays smooth against the body. The fur on the ears is less smooth. Its ears are one of its unique features. The ears are moderate in size and are set high on the breed’s head. Fur is profuse at the sides of the ears. It has a small head and facial features that are average in size. Although not apparent amid its coat, the neck is average in length. Its back is straight and its tail is set high, heavily plumed, and curl back on the back.


The Papillon has a temperament that is cheerful, good natured, and bright. The breed is an excellent household pet. Although it is usually high spirited, it is gentle and patient when interacting with children. In addition to its family, the breed also gets along well with other pets. How it gets along with other dogs depends on how the two were introduced. The best situation is for the Papillon to be raised along with any other dog that will live in the household. It will bark to alert its owner. Early training is recommended to socialize the breed.

Height and Weight

The Papillon is an average of 8-11 inches tall and weighs 9-10 pounds.

Health Problems

The Papillon is generally a healthy breed. some types may develop progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Ideal Living Conditions

Indoor living conditions are more suitable for the Papillon. The breed will remain energetic and active hen living indoors. Although the breed can easily adapt to living in an apartment, this may pose a problem if the apartments are not well insulated. The breed tends to bark a lot.


Exercise is not a problem for the Papillon. The breed is very lively and tends to get most of its exercise on its own. However, since it stays indoors most of the time, it is a good idea to let it out for exercise on a regular basis.

Life Expectancy

The Papillon has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Papillon has an average litter size of 3 puppies.


The beautiful coat of the Papillon requires daily maintenance that includes brushing and combing. More grooming is required when the coat is shedding.


The Papillon is a very old breed.




The Papillon is a breed whose coat is predominantly white. The hocks, head, and ears are usually a light brown color.