Norwegian Lundehund


The Norwegian Lundehund is a small breed. Despite its size, the breed has physical attributes that are strong. Its back is straight and slopes slightly to the base of the tail. It has an elongated chest that is deep and somewhat broad. Its head is average in size. The breed stands on straight legs and back legs that are very angular. The legs are well muscled. It has a double coat. The bottom layer of the coat is smooth to the touch while the top layer is coarse and thick.


The Norwegian Lundhund is a courageous breed. It is loyal and will protect its family. It is loving and generally gets along with everyone in its household. This breed is very smart and is responsive to training, although it may display stubbornness. It is alert and makes a good watchdog. It is good with children and other household pets.

Height and Weight

Male height: 13-15 inchesMale weight: 15 poundsFemale height: 12-14 inchesFemale weight: 14 pounds

Health Problems

The Norwegian Lundhund is generally a healthy breed. There are no genetic health conditions associated with this breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Norwegian Lundhund is a breed that can typically adapt to any type of living conditions. However, it is more suitable for living outdoors. It is very active and will do best outdoors within a well-built fence.


The Norwegian Lundhund is a very energetic breed that needs a significant amount of exercise. While a daily walk is sufficient exercise for this breed, it has the stamina to endure more physically challenging activity, such as running.

Life Expectancy

The Norwegian Lundhund has an average life expectancy of 14 years.

Litter Size

The Norwegian Lundhund has an average of 3-4 puppies.


Grooming that goes beyond what is standard for most breeds is not necessary for the Norwegian Lundhund. The coat of this breed should be brushed a couple of times each week. Washing its coat is fine, as long as it is not excessive.


The Norwegian Lundhund was developed in Norway during the 17th century.




The acceptable colors for the Norwegian Lundhund is a combination of gray, black, red, and yellow. These colors are usually mixed with white.