North American Shepherd


The North American Shepherd is not a very large dog, but it has a body that is well proportioned and strong. The breed has an average size head with facial features that are expressive. Its coat is probably is its most distinctive feature. The coat is long and and smooth. The fur is most profuse on a majority of its body.


The North American Shepherd is an easy-going breed. It is loyal, obedient, and protective. It has a lively nature that makes it a great companion for children. The breed seeks to please its owner and will go out of its way to make them happy. It is a good watch and guard dog. People it does not know may not receive a warm welcome when visiting the home for the first time. It should get along with other pets if they exist in the same household. Affection is important to this breed. It will not do well if it is left to its own devices for a significant amount of time.

Height and Weight

The North American Shepherd is about 13-18 inches tall and weighs an average of 15-30 pounds.

Health Problems

The North American Shepherd is a generally healthy breed. The most common health problem that occurs in this breed is one that is common to most breed. The breed may develop a joint problem called hip dysplasia. The breed may also have problems with its eyes. Some types may be particularly susceptible to becoming blind.

Ideal Living Conditions

The North American Shepherd is an energetic breed that is more suitable for outdoor living conditions. The breed can easily adapt to living indoors, but requires more opportunities for exercise if it lives indoors. The breed’s coat protects it during cold weather. Types kept outdoors are not recommended for warm climates.


The North American Shepherd needs a signficant amout of regular exercise. The breed tends to obtain much of its exercise if it stays outside most of the time. Indoor types require more exercise.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the North American Shepherd is 12 years.

Litter Size

The North American Shepherd has an average of 5 puppies.


The smooth coat of the North American Shepherd only requires basic grooming. Brushing the coat on a regular basis will help to keep it healthy. The coat may require more maintenance when the coat sheds.


The North American Shepherd originates in the United States around the mid 1960s.




The acceptable colors for the North American Shepherd include solid red, black, and blue. The breed’s coat may also be red or blue merle.