Norfolk Terrier


The Norfolk Terrier is small in stature, but strong. Its body is designed to quickly attack small game that may live on land as well as water. It has a body of moderate length, with short, but well-developed limbs. Its body is covered with long and coarse fur. The coat is most profuse at the collar and underbelly. The breed has a head that is small, but well proportioned with the rest of the body. The ears are small and triangular in shape. The ears fold downward toward the eyes.


The Norfolk Terrier has a typical Terrier personality. The breed is very sociable and loves to be in the company of people. Its small size does not preclude it from being brave and spirited. The dog is not much trouble as a pet, but may become destructive if it becomes bored or lacks attention. Its size and temperament makes it an excellent companion for children. It should get along with other pets. The breed is generally responsive to training.

Height and Weight

The Norfolk Terrier is about 10 inches tall and weighs an average of 10-12 pounds.

Health Problems

The Norfolk Terrier is generally healthy and is not associated with any serious health problems. Some types may develop problems with its eyes, back, and heart.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Norfolk Terrier will usually adapt to indoor or outdoor living conditions. The breed enjoys being in the company of its family and will usually prefer living conditions. The breed is energetic and will remain active if it lives indoors.


The Norfolk Terrier is energetic and typically gets sufficient exercise playing and running around.

Life Expectancy

The Norfolk Terrier lives an average of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Norfolk Terrier has an average litter size of 3 puppies.


The grooming tools that are needed to maintain the Norfolk TerrierтАЩs coat include a brush, comb, and clippers. Brushing and combing the breedтАЩs coat will help to keep it smooth and free of any loose fur. Clipping is necessary to remove any shaggy hairs. The coat may require more grooming during shedding season. However, this breed does not shed excessively.


The Norfolk Terrier originated in Great Britain.




The Norfolk Terrier is typically light brown, reddish-brown color, and a combination of black and light brown.