Miniature Schnauzer


The Miniature Schnauzer has a typical Terrier appearance. Its body is short, but well proportioned. Its ribs are extended up and tight. The chest is only slightly broad. The neck is muscular and very angular to the back. Its head is long. The muzzle is also long and has a broad ending. It has a vague stop. The ears are pointed and average in size. The tail on this breed is usually docked. It is set high and straight. The coat is very coarse and straight. The coat is very coarse and wiry. Fur is most profuse at the legs and bottom of the face. The fur on the face resembles a beard.


In addition to its appearance, the Miniature Schnauzer also has a typical Terrier temperament. It is very expressive and energetic. On most occasions the breed is pleasant. IT may display aggression toward other dogs and it tends to be very stubborn. It is best to introduce this breed to other dogs. If the other dog will live in the same household as the breed, it is best that the introduction take place when the Miniature Schnauzer is a puppy. Its personality is playful like children, so it is a natural companion for children. This breed may be suspicious of people it doesn’t know.

Height and Weight

The Miniature Schnauzer is an average of 12-14 inches and weighs about 10-15 pounds.

Health Problems

Very few health problems plague the Miniature Schnauzer. However, the breed is associated with a few conditions. Disorders of the eye, kidney, liver, and disorder of the skin may develop in the breed. It is a good idea for the breed to have regular examinations.

Ideal Living Conditions

The size and general nature of the Miniature Schnauzer makes it a good breed to keep indoors. The breed is always energetic and will remain this way if stays indoors. If kept outdoors, only an average size yard is needed.


The Miniature Schnauzer loves physical activity. Whether it is playing or going for a long walk, this breed will enjoy the activity.

Life Expectancy

The Miniature Schnauzer tends to have a long life. The breed lives an average of 15 yeas.

Litter Size

The Miniature Schnauzer has an average of 4 puppies.


The main concern of the Miniature Schnauzer’s coat is matting. The best preventive grooming task is to brush the coat on a regular basis. Clipping and trimming the coat is essential for show dogs and is probably left to a professional grooming service.


The Miniature Schnauzer originates from Germany.



The Miniature Schnauzer has a combination coat of the colors: black and silver.