Miniature Bull Terrier


The Miniature Bull Terrier is a stocky breed. Its body is muscular and thick. The long extension of is thick and well-muscled neck to its short back is apparent. The rib cage is well sprung. It has a very broad and deep chest. The shape of the breed’s head is very distinct. It is elongated, starts wide and narrows to the nose. The ears are set high and are triangular in shape. The ears are pointed at the tip. It has a wide stance with strong and muscular front and back legs.


At one time the Miniature Bull Terrier was considered an aggressive breed. Aggressive behavior should have been bred out of most types by now. Bravery, spunk, and loyalty are now the outstanding traits of this breed. Training is necessary to make it a pleasant household pet, however, it may be stubborn and slow to respond to training. The breed loves being in the company of people. It especially enjoys love and attention. If it doesn’t receive adequate interaction with people it may become discontent. It has a fun side that children will appreciate, but it may be too rambunctious for children.

Height and Weight

The Miniature Bull Terrier is an average of 10-14 inches tall and weighs hefty 24-35 pounds.

Health Problems

Health problems are not a huge problem with the Miniature Bull Terrier. However, there are some types may develop. One significant issue that owners need to watch for is zinc deficiency. This breed may develop a deficiency of the mineral and suffer an early death. It is a good idea to monitor the breed’s intake of zinc and have it evaluated by a veterinarian. Other conditions that this breed may develop include joint problems and skin irritations.

Ideal Living Conditions

Just about any type of living condition is fine for the Miniature Bull Terrier. It prefers human contact and is probably most content indoors. The breed will do fine outdoors with an average size yard.


Exercise is important for the Miniature Bull Terrier because the breed can easily become obese if it doesn’t exercise enough. The best exercise for the breed is very physical activity, such as running. Indoor types are more apt to become inactive.

Life Expectancy

The Miniature Bull Terrier lives an average of 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The number of puppies that a Miniature Bull Terrier has can vary greatly. The breed generally ha about 5 puppies.


Grooming the Miniature Bull Terrier is not labor intensive. Brushing or any means to remove shedding fur is all that is needed for this breed.


The Miniature Bull Terrier originated as a fierce breed in the mid 1800s.




White is the acceptable color for the Miniature Bull Terrier.