Miniature Australian Shepherd


The Miniature Australian Shepherd has a body that is well proportioned. Its body is well muscled and strong. The ears are set high and close together. The ears are moderate in size and triangular in shape. The breed’s chest is broad, but not very deep. Its muscular neck extends angled to a straight back. Its coat is short and smooth.


The Miniature Australian Shepherd is lively and energetic. It loves being close to its family, playing or entertaining. The breed is attentive and protective. It protects its family and their possessions. The breed will get along fine with other pets and children. It is responsive to training. The only problem the breed may cause is when it is unoccupied. It tends to find activities to busy itself with, both of these are usually destructive in nature.

Height and Weight

The Miniature Australian Shepherd has a weight of about 12-17 pounds and an average height of 10-14 inches.

Health Problems

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is associated with some health problems. Joint problems, especially in the hip, are common in this breed. It may also experience conditions of the eye. Blindness occurs in a few Australian Shepherds.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Miniature Australian Shepherd can usually adapt to indoor and outdoor living conditions. Those that live outdoors tend be more active, so indoor types generally have a higher need for exercise.


Exercise is important for the Miniature Australian Shepherd. The breed is energetic and usually obtains a significant amount of exercise on its own. Although types that live indoors will remain active, they still need regular exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Miniature Australian Shepherd tends to live 12-13 years.

Litter Size

The Miniature Australian Shepherd has an average litter size of 5-8 puppies.


There is good news about the coat of the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Its coat is short and doesn’t require much maintenance. During shedding season more brushing is required, but not very much more since its coat doesn’t shed excessively.


It is believed that the Miniature Australian Shepherd originated in Europe




The acceptable colors for the Miniature Australian Shepherd include red, black, and blue. The blue and red types may be merle.