Mexican Hairless Dog


The Mexican Hairless Dog has an elegant appearance. Its body is average in size with some muscle definition. As evidenced by its name, the breed is generally characterized by an absence or presence of little hair. Instead, its skin shows. The skin is dark in color and smooth. It has a round head and somewhat small ears that are turned outward.


The Mexican Hairless Dog is a sociable breed that enjoys human contact. it also gets along with other pets, including dogs. It will do fine with children, but it is better when the breed is raised with children and pets with which it will live. The breed has a protective nature that makes it a good watchdog. The breed enjoys learning and will easily respond to training. The breed is loyal and will protect its family and their possessions.

Height and Weight

The Mexican Hairless Dog varies in size according to three types: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Standard: height – 16-28 inches, weight – 20-31 poundsMiniature: height – 12-15 inches, weight – 13-22 pounds Toy: height – 11-12 inches, weight – 9-18 pounds

Health Problems

The most common health problems that exist in the Mexican Hairless Dog are associated with its teeth and eyes. It is a good idea to take the breed to a veterinarian on a regular basis for a check up to detect any problems early. Since it is a hairless breed, its skin is easily affected by extreme weather. The best prevention against skin irritations is to protect it.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Hairless Mexican Dog requires living conditions that do not adversely affect its skin. Extreme heat or cold can cause severe skin problems. Indoor living conditions are recommended for this breed. The breed will adapt to an outdoor environment as long as the temperature isn’t extreme.


The Mexican Hairless Dog is an energetic breed that doesn’t require a lot of exercise. It is a good idea to at least walk the dog daily. It is important to protect the skin when walking the dog in extreme weather conditions.

Life Expectancy

The Mexican Hairless Dog tends to live 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Mexican Hairless Dog has an average of 4 puppies.


Grooming the Mexican Hairless Dog is a snap. The dog is virtually hairless. Since the breed has very little fur, it is more sensitive to heat and cold. When the temperature is high, it is a good idea to apply a sun protectant to its skin. Regular baths are also a good idea to remove any bacteria or dead skin. Any products applied to its skin should be gentle.


The origin of the Mexican Hairless Dog is not for certain. It most likely originated in South America




The Mexican hairless Dog is a solid color of varying shades of gray and yellow, red, and black.