Manchester Terrier


The Manchester Terrier is a unique looking Terrier. Its coat is short and smooth. The frame of the breed is long. The breed is either of two types: Standard and Toy. The most distinct differences in the two types are the ears. The Toy type of the breed has ears that are triangular in shape. The ears on Standard types vary from triangular, folder, or cropped. The breedтАЩs head is elongated with a vague stop. There is a slight arch in its elongated neck. Its chest is deep, but not very broad. The breed has straight front legs and only slightly angled back legs.


The Manchester Terrier is an easy-going breed. It is smart and longs to please its owner. Aggression may develop in the breed if it is not trained properly. The best time for training the Manchester Terrier is when it is a puppy. In addition to aggression, training can eliminate a timid or easily intimidated personality. This breed is well known for its independent nature. It can be feisty, but is more often energetic, happy, and fun. Since the breed may become agitated, it is not recommended for young children. It may also have difficulties with other dogs.

Height and Weight

The Manchester Terrier varies according to Standard and Toy. The Toy type has an average height of 10-12 inches and an average weight of 6-8 pounds. The Standard type is larger. It has a height of 15-16 inches and a weight of 12-22 pounds.

Health Problems

Most of the health problems that may plague the Manchester Terrier are minor. The breed may develop lens luxation, a condition that is characterized by a displacement of the lens of the eye. The minor health problems that some types may develop include epilepsy and Legg-Perthes.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Manchester Terrier is suitable for both indoor and outdoor living conditions. When indoors the breed will remain active. Outdoor types will do fine in an average-size yard. Weather conditions are significant in determining the best environment for this breed. The nature of its coat makes it sensitive to extreme heat and should not reside in such weather for a significant amount of time.


The Manchester Terrier has a lot of energy. It will spend most of it days very active, regardless if it resides indoors or outdoors. Physical exercise that is challenging or very high impact is most suitable for this breed.

Life Expectancy

The Manchester Terrier has an average life expectancy of 14-16 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size for the Manchester Terrier is 3-5 puppies.


The Manchester Terrier has a coat that is basically maintenance free. Aside from a once a week brushing and an occasional bath, there is very little grooming that it requires.


The breed originated in the early 16th century England




Black is the primary color of the Manchester Terrier. The breed also has tan markings that usually exist on its face, legs, and throat.