The Maltese is a beautiful breed. Its luxurious coat is rivaled by very few breeds. The head is average in size and inline with the rest of the body. Its long neck carriers its head high and proud. It has a gentle look, but its body enables it to perform with energy and strength. The general frame of its body is small, but it is well defined. Its shoulders are slightly sloping to a straight back. It has a long and broad chest. The breed’s ears are set low and close to its head. Fur completely covers this breed. The facial features are not covered. The dark eyes, nose, and mouth are very visible.


The Maltese has a gentle and affectionate nature. It enjoys being in the company of people and is a very popular choice for a pet. Its playful attitude makes it popular with children. However, it is not a good companion for children because it is not very patient. It is a small dog, but it is very brave. It is not easily intimidated by other dogs. In a household with other pets, it attempts to get the most attention.

Height and Weight

The male and female Maltese are about the same size. The average height of this breed is 9-10 inches. The average weight of the Maltese is 4-7 pounds.

Health Problems

The Maltese is a fairly healthy breed. There are no major health problems associated with this breed. Some types may develop some minor conditions, such as hypoglycemia, entropion, luxation, and hydrocephalus. While these problems are basically mild, they can lead to more serious conditions if not treated. If the breed is obtained from a breeder, it is a good idea to request medical history or to have a veterinarian examine and test the Maltese for any potential health problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Maltese is a small breed and it will do fine in an indoor environment. The breed is generally active indoors, but not to a point that disrupts the home.


An owner that is inactive or lightly active is fine for the Maltese since the breed generally obtains the exercise its needs on its own. The breed is very energetic and enjoys playing. Its exercise needs are not significant. However, the breed would enjoy a regular outing with its owner or family. A short or long walk is all this breed needs.

Life Expectancy

The Maltese tends to live an average of 12-14 years.

Litter Size

The Maltese has an average of 3 puppies.


The beauty of the Maltese comes with a price. Keeping the coat sleek and smooth requires regular care. The coat should be washed with a gentle, dry shampoo. It is a good idea to check the coat for debris and any dirt, since there is a chance that the long fur obscures them. The long fur can also cause bacteria to become trapped in their ears. The ears should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. A professional groomer is recommended to trim the coat, as needed.


Toy breeds have been in existence for many years. The Maltese was one of the first toy breeds




White is the only acceptable color for the Maltese.