The Lowchen has an unmistakable appearance. It is a small dog with small features. The coat is profuse in certain parts of its body and gives it an appearance of a lion. Its head and muzzle are small. The eyes and nose are large and dark in color. Its coat covers its ears, which are small and lay close to its head. Its neck is elongated and only slightly arched. The tail is positioned in a way that is distinct for this breed. It is set high and curls up over the back, forming a small loop. Its back legs are well angled and muscled. Its front legs are also well developed, but are held straight.


The Lowchen may have a delicate look, but it can be feisty. It is an excellent guard dog that is brave and will not easily become intimidated. When alerting its family it may bark incessantly. The breed loves attention from its family and loves to be around them. It is friendly with everyone in its household, including other pets. It is a natural companion for children. Training works well for this breed.

Height and Weight

The Lowchen is an average of 10-13 inches and weighs an average of 10-17 pounds.

Health Problems

The Lowchen is not associated with many health problems. Since it is small, it may develop a condition called patellar luxation. This condition is characterized by knee joint ailments. If left untreated, this condition can result in arthritis. The outlook is good for patellar luxation. It is recommended that owners of Lowchens have them evaluated by a veterinarian.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Lowchen doesnтАЩt require very much space. It is a breed that typically lives indoors. The breed is energetic and will sustain its energy level indoors. The breed is happiest indoors because it is closer to its family.


The Lowchen needs exercise just as any breed. However, its need for exercise is not significant. Most of its exercise requirement will be fulfilled while it plays or runs around.

Life Expectancy

The Lowchen has an average life expectancy of 12-14 years.

Litter Size

The Lowchen has an average of 3-6 puppies.


Regular grooming is necessary for the Lowchen. Its coat can easily be tangled and matted. If the coat reaches this point, shaving the coat completely down is probably the only course of action. Regular brushing to remove any loose hair will prevent this tragedy and keep the breedтАЩs coat healthy looking.


The origin of the Lowchen is somewhat uncertain




There are no definite colors for the Lowchen. The breedтАЩs coat is typically a combination of colors.