Llewellin Setter


The Llewellin Setter is an elegant-looking breed. Its body is long and lean. Its head follows suit with its body and is also long and slender. In addition to its body, the breed’s coat is also a symbol of elegance. The coat is smooth and lays close to its skin. The coat is more abundant at the chest, ears, and legs. It has an elongated neck that is well muscled. Its tail is set level with the back.


The Llewellin Setter has a typical Setter attitude. It is friendly and easy going. This dog doesn’t do much to get in trouble, but it can be stubborn. It must spend a lot of time with its family. It has no problem getting along with other breeds. This breed has a high energy level. It is a good companion for children. Training may be necessary to prevent shyness in this breed.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24-27 inchesMale weight: 55-80 poundsFemale height: 24-26 inchesFemale weight: 45-70 pounds.

Health Problems

The Llewellin Setter has a long average life expectancy and tends to be healthy. It is susceptible to some common conditions, such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. The breed may have problems with its thyroid. There are rare cases of cancer in the breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Llewellin Setter is a breed that needs a lot of space. The most suitable environment for this breed is a moderate size yard.


Exercise is an important activity for the Llewellin Setter. When it receives sufficient exercise it is content and problem-free. When it does not obtain the exercise it needs it can easily become discontent and look for ways to expend its energy. Physical exercise, such as running is recommended on a regular basis.

Life Expectancy

The Llewellin Setter has an average life expectancy of 14-15 years.

Litter Size

The Llewellin Setter tends to have a litter of 5-7 puppies.


The Llewellin Setter has significant grooming needs. Its coat requires grooming several times during a week. Brushing will help keep the coat smooth and tangle fee. If the breed is kept outdoors, which is best, its coat may become filled with outdoor debris. Washing the coat is fine as long as a gentle shampoo and conditioner are used. The coat will require more frequent grooming sessions during shedding season. A professional groomer is recommended for Llewellin Setters that are used in dog shows.


There are many Setters that originated in England. The Llewellin Setter was developed from a variety




The Llewelling Setter has a unique coat that consists of a variety of combinations. White with black markings is the most common combination. The coat may also contain a combination coat consisting of orange, yellow, or light brown; each color combining with white or black.