The Lhasapoo is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Poodle with a Lhasa Apso. The breed is a small breed with a luxurious coat. The head has a round crown and short muzzle. There is a slight stop. It has expressive eyes that are large, but not too prominent. The nose is also large. Its body is well proportioned and sturdy. The ears are well feathered and hang down loosely at the sides of its head. Its neck is in proportion to its body and extends smoothly to its back. The legs are well feathered.


The Lhasapoo has a temperament that is similar to its appearance. It is generally expressive and loveable. It stays close to its family, but may treat strangers with caution. It is a good companion for well-behaved children. This breed has a tendency toward being timid. Training the breed early will help to eliminate this trait. The breed will do fine with other pets, but it does better if it is raised with them.

Height and Weight

The Lhasapoo is a minimu of 9 inches and a maxium of 13 unches. The breed typically weighs 12-16 pounds.

Health Problems

The Lhasapoo is a hybrid breed. Any health problems that may be associated with this breed have not yet been discovered. This is a characteristic of most hybrid breeds.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Lhasapoo is an indoor breed. It will remain active while living indoors. The breed also loves being close to its family.


The Lhasapoo is a breed with an average energy level. It will get most of the exercise it needs when it resides indoors. However, it will appreciate the opportunity to accompany its owner on a short or long walk.

Life Expectancy

The Lhasapoo has not been in existence long enough for its life expectancy to be determined.

Litter Size

The Lhasapoo has an average litter size of 3-8 puppies.


The Lhasapoo has a luxurious coat, but it is generally low maintenance. The coat should be brushed as often as possible. The breed only needs a bath when necessary. An occasional trip to a professional groomer to trim the coat is recommended.


The Lhasapoo originates in the United States.




Any color is acceptable for the coat of the Lhasapoo.