The Leonberger is a massive breed. In addition to its size, its black mask and thin coat are its most distinctive features. For most of the body the coat is long and thin. The coat is most profuse at the chest and neck. The breed’s front legs are straight and the back legs are somewhat angled. It has a broad head. The muzzle is elongated, but straight. The eyes are average in appearance and are typically a shade of brown. Its ears hang loosely at the sides of its head. The neck tends to be less muscular than the rest of the body, and extends to low-set shoulders. Its tail hangs loosely at its hocks.


There is very little to dislike about the Leonberger. It is a very sociable breed. How friendly the breed is depends on how it has been trained and its general nature. Since the temperament can vary from one type to another, owners should evaluate and assess a dog’s attitude before leaving it alone with young children. The Leonberger isn’t a guard dog by nature, but can be taught to protect its family and their property. Although the breed can be energetic and loving, it is more apt to be reserved.

Height and Weight

Male height: 29-31 inchesMale weight: 130-170 poundsFemale height: 27-29 inchesFemale weight: 100-130 pounds

Health Problems

The Leonberger may experience some problems with its joints and bones, such as hip dypslasia. This is common with large breeds. The breed may also develop conditions of the eye.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Leonberger may prefer to live indoors with its family, but the breed does not easily adapt to indoor living conditions. If the breed stays indoors it will become inactive. An outdoor environment with a moderate amount of space is recommended. The breed is also more suitable for environments where temperatures are cool.


The Leonberger does not require a signfiicant amount of exercise, but it will willingly participate in just about any physical exercise in which its owner engages. The breed is an excellent swimmer and enjoys winter sports.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Leonberger is 8 years.

Litter Size

The Leonger typically has 8 puppies.


The Leonberger does require regular grooming. Attention should be given the coat at least once each week. Brushing is important for this breed because it will help to keep the coat from matting. More brushing is required when the coat is shedding.






There are several colors that are acceptable for the Leonberger. The breed is usually light yellow, red, or reddish-brown. The coat can be any of these colors or a combination of them.