The appearance of the Kuvasz is very unique. It is a massive breed with a gentle expression. It is well muscled throughout its body. The muzzle is somewhat extended and has a definite stop. The breed’s ears are average size and turn inward toward the face. The breed has dark facial features. In addition to its size, the Kuvasz is also well known for its coat. For most of the body the fur is smooth to the touch. Some types have a wavy coat. The coat is more abundant at the neck, back of legs, and chest.


The Kuvasz is a natural protector. Bred to guard livestock, the breed seeks to protect its family and its property. It is an excellent watch and guard dog and will attack anyone it considers a threat. The breed is fine with children, but it is recommended that it interact with them as a puppy. The same goes for other pets. The breed may react unfavorable to other pets being introduced into the household. Supervision is recommended when it interacts with other pets and children. Socializing the Kuvasz at a young age will help to socialize it and prevent certain unfavorable behavior.

Height and Weight

Male height: 28-30 inchesMale weight: 100-115 poundsFemale height: 26-28 inchesFemale weight: 70-90 pounds

Health Problems

The Kuvasz may develop hip dysplasia. The breed is also susceptible to other conditions, such as osteochondritis and hypetrophic. The breed also has sensitive skin and may develop conditions of the skin.

Ideal Living Conditions

The best home life for the Kuvasz is one in which it has a great deal of space to be active. A moderate size backyard is recommended. Allowing the breed to move freely in a backyard is recommended, instead of having it chained. However, the area in which it lives should be enclosed with a well-built fence.


The Kuvasz is energetic most of the time. It tends to become inactive if it spends a significant amount of time indoors or if it is alone most of the time outdoors. Exercise provides an opportunity for the breed to interact with people and to keep itself healthy. Intense exercise is what this breed needs.

Life Expectancy

The Kuvasz lives an average of 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size of the Kuvasz is 8 puppies.


Brushing is good for the Kuvasz’s coat to remove any loose fur and to keep the coat from becoming matted. The coat should be brushed on a daily basis and several times a day when the coat is shedding. The breed’s thick coat can become a breeding ground for bacteria. However, the coat goes through a natural process of removing any undesirable debris. Bathing should not be a part of the grooming regimen for the Kuvasz since this can strip the coat of its natural oils.




Working, Flock Guard


White is the acceptable color for the Kuvasz.