The Jagdterrier has the appearance of a typical hunting dog. Its body is square and muscular. Its chest is deep, but not too broad. The head is somewhat flat and features a vague stop. The muzzle is long. Its nose and eyes are dark; they are usually black in color. Its ears are average in size and are set high on the head. The ears are typically pointed. The breed has an elongated neck that is broad at the shoulders. The shoulders transition to a level back. The breedтАЩs legs are straight and very well built. The back legs are moderately angled. The Jagdterrier tail curls upward or is docked. The breed may have either a coarse or smooth coat.


The greater percentages of Jagdterriers exist as hunting companions. The breed was specifically developed to follow after game in burrows. The breed is smart and enjoys spending time with its owner. The breed has a significant amount of energy. Hunting types will spend all day hunting game and will still have energy to play or do other activities. The breed is easy to train and can easily adapt to different situations. The breed rarely exists as a pet, but on the occasions that it does it is very easy going and troublefree.

Height and Weight

The Jagdterrier is an average of 13-16 inches tall. The breed tends to weigh 16-22 pounds. Female Jagdterriers typically have a height range comparable to the male, but they are significantly lighter.

Health Problems

There are no significant health problems associated with the Jagdterrier. The breed may be susceptible to problems of the lung. This can develop into a serious problem, but is reversible with regular exercise.

Ideal Living Conditions

Since the Jagdterrier is primarily a hunting companion, it is most suitable for urban outdoor living conditions. The breed can easily adapt to city environments if its owner lives there.


The Jagdterrier should receive a significant amount of exercise. While hunting it will receive sufficient exercise. The breed should also obtain other exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Jagdterrier tends to live as many as 14 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size of the Jagdterrier is 3-8 puppies.


The Jagdterrier has a coat that is either smooth or coarse. For either coat, the only grooming required is regular brushing.


Since the Jagdterrier has only been in existence for a short amount of time




The acceptable colors of the Jagdterrier include chocolate brown, black, and gray. The coat may also have markings of red, yellow, and brown.