Jack Russell Terrier


The Jack Russell Terrier is a well-proportioned breed. It is very fast and strong and has a body that is designed for hunting. The head has a definite stop with dark facial features. The ears are average in size and are somewhat pointed. The breed’s compact body has a small chest, but a well-sprung rib cage. The neck is well muscled and somewhat vague as it transitions into the shoulders. The breed stands on long legs that angle forward somewhat. The back legs are well angled. Its coat is either short or long and lies flat against the skin.


The appearance of the Jack Russell Terrier is happy, and the breed has a personality to match. It is energetic and loves playing with children. The breed has a great amount of energy, and has to keep busy. If it becomes bored it may occupy itself with unfavorable activities. The breed should be trained to behave correctly. Firm training is most effective for this breed. The Jack Russell Terrier may be combative with other dogs. It is not suitable for a home with other small pets. The breed is not only a great pet, but it is a consummate hunting companion.

Height and Weight

The Jack Russell Terrier typically stands 10-12 inches tall. The breed weighs an average of 14-18 pounds.

Health Problems

There are a few health conditions associated with the Jack Russell Terrier. The breed may develop joint problems in addition to diseases of the eye.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Jack Russell Terrier is active whether it resides outdoors or indoors. The breed can be destructive if left alone for a significant amount of time. The need for exercise is greatest for the Jack Russell Terrier that is kept outdoors.


The dynamic temperament of the Jack Russell Terrier makes it a well-exercised breed. It loves to be active and will play and work all day long. The breed loves high-energy activities and should be allowed to perform exercise on a regular basis. Regardless of the breed’s living conditions it will obtain sufficient exercise.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Jack Russell Terrier is 15 years.

Litter Size

The Jack Russell Terrier typically has 4-8 puppies.


The coat of the Jack Russell Terrier varies from short to long, but is easily maintained in either case. Regular brushing will keep the coat smooth. Occasional bathing is also recommended.


England is where the Jack Russell Terrier originated. It was bred by a minister by the same name.




White is the acceptable color for the Jack Russell Terrier. The breed can have a moderate amount of markings of red, black, or brown.