Irish Terrier


The Irish Terrier is a handsome breed with a very defined body. Its frame is long and has a somewhat short back that is level. Its coat is definitely one of its fine points. The coat is close to the body and stiff. The breed’s head is long and flat. The ears are small and fold forward to lie just above the eyes. It has a dark nose, eyes, and lips. A tuft of fur hangs from its chin giving it an appearance of a beard. The neck is moderately long and the chest is long and very well muscled. The legs are straight.


The Irish Terrier can keep a family busy. The breed is always actively seeking something to do. It will play for hours alone or with children or other family members. When left to play alone it may display unacceptable behavior, such as digging and chasing animals in the yard. The breed is very curious and energetic. It is smart, but may prove difficult to train. Training should not be bypassed, no matter how difficult. Despite its somewhat unpredictable behavior, the breed is very loyal and affectionate to its family.

Height and Weight

The Irish Terrier stands about 18 inches tall and weighs about 25-27 pounds.

Health Problems

The Irish Terrier is usually very healthy.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Irish Terrier will do fine whether it lives outdoors or indoors. The breed is very energetic and needs space to release its energy. The breed can easily become discontent and destructive when it doesn’t have sufficient space. Caution should be taken if the breed is kept indoors since it tends to be curious. It is recommended that it not be left for extended periods of time indoors.


Depending on its environment, the Irish Terrier may require a significant amount of exercise. The breed enjoys opportunities for exercise and will enjoy playing or long walks. The dog has a tendency to become agitated in the company of other unknown dogs and may be tempted to run. It is never a good idea to exercise the breed without a leash or restraint.

Life Expectancy

The Irish Terrier typically has a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Irish Terrier has an average litter size of 6 puppies.


The most important grooming task required for the Irish Terrier is removing loose fur when the coat is shedding. This typically occurs several times a year. Other than this, the coat should be brushed or combed on a regular basis.


As its name implies, the Irish Terrier originates from Ireland.




The coat of the Irish Terrier is usually reddish, dark yellow, or a light tan.