Iceland Sheepdog


The Iceland Sheepdog has a compact body with a puffy-looking coat. The breed has a short neck that is well muscled. Its ears are one of its characteristic features. They are medium in size and stand erect and pointed. The dog is also known for its tail, which curls up and over its back. The breed’s head features a definite stop. It has a short muzzle and dark, prominent facial features.


The Iceland Sheepdog is an excellent dog for herding and is a family pet. The breed is generally friendly to everyone in its household and to welcomed guests. It has a curious nature, but this shouldn’t lead it into any trouble. Children adore its playfulness. It is not usually an effective guard dog, but it will bark to alert its family. It is also courageous. As a herder of sheep, it is naturally active and protective.

Height and Weight

The Iceland Sheepdog stands an average of 12-16 inches and weighs an average of 20-30 pounds.

Health Problems

The Iceland Sheepdog is a very healthy breed. Some types have been known to develop allergies, but these are not usually considered serious.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Iceland Sheepdog was bred to care for sheep. It has a natural desire to be close to its family. Because of this the breed is most content when it is indoors with its family. The only problem with the breed living indoors is that it has a tendency to remain active. The breed will do fine outdoors, but will require frequent visits from its family.


Exercise is an important part of the Iceland Sheepdog’s life. It is energetic and longs to play and run all day. Indoor types will become discontent if they aren’t able to be active. These types should be taken for walks several times each day. Outdoor types will obtain sufficient exercise, but will appreciate spending active time with its family.

Life Expectancy

The Iceland Sheepdog generally lives 12 years.

Litter Size

The Iceland Sheepdog typically has a litter size of about 3-4 puppies.


The coat of all Iceland Sheepdogs is coarse and thick. However, the coat can vary from short to long. Brushing the coat on a regular basis is recommended. A comb may work better to groom the coat. The good news about the Iceland Sheepdog is that the coat will normally take care of itself during shedding season.


As its name alludes, the Iceland Sheepdog originates from Iceland.


Spitz, Nordic


The Iceland Sheepdog’s coat can vary widely. The acceptable colors for the coat include varying shades of brown, black, and gray.