How to Choose Your Dog’s Name

Congratulations on becoming a new dog owner! It’s time to select the perfect name for your new pet, so where do you start? Well, many people tend to pick pet names similar to the name of their childhood pets. Others prefer to pick something new and unique for their special friend. Here are some of the ways that pet owners will select their pet’s name. You will notice that really, there are no rules for naming dogs – although there are definitely common techniques that many owners have used, and will continue to use.

Some people prefer to give their pets names that have classically been known as dog names, like Max, Sam, Buddy, Spike and Jake. Most people tend to stay with names that are positive and that portray the dog in a positive light to all who meet him/her. For example, if you name your dog Killer, some people will be afraid based solely on the name of your pet. Therefore, try to avoid names that have a negative connotation.

Food is often the inspiration for naming dogs. Some of the foods that dogs are often named after include cookies, Oreos, Peanut, Pepper and Cinnamon. You’ll notice that these foods tend to be sweet or spicy, and that you won’t see too many dogs named after vegetables or cuts of beef.

Before you consider giving your dog a humorous name that pokes fun at them, either by naming a Great Dane “Baby”, or by naming a Toy Poodle “Monster”… ask yourself how your dog would like it if they knew what you were doing and ask yourself what your friends will think when you tell them the name of your new pet.

You should choose a name that is one or two syllables at most, because when you are training the dog, you don’t want to be standing in the street yelling “Hippocrates, come here” or “Zanzibar, sit”. You’ll have a much easier time with “Sit, Tiger” or “Heal, Pepper”. If you must select a name that is multi-syllabic, try to come up with a nickname for the dog that will be commonly used particularly while the dog is undergoing training.

If you have a family of pets, you might want to stick with a particular theme. This could be movie characters, cartoon characters or book characters. You might also want to give your dog a first, middle and last name as well. Many people do this – however again you will want to make sure to establish a nickname for training purposes.

Consider a name that is of the same nationality as your dog’s breed. For example, an English Spaniel might be called Charles, Elizabeth or Philip and a French Poodle might be called Fi-Fi.

Overall, you need to select a name for your dog that fits both his personality and his breed. And, remember also that while humans attach a great deal of pride and significance to their names, animals do not. They do not use names to get each other’s attention and they do not have issues with people who mispronounce or misspell their names. The reason that you are naming you pet is to identify the animal, and so that it will learn to come to you when you utter a specific word. Therefore, you can really name your dog anything you want – with no need to follow any specific convention.

If you intend to show your dog, keep this in mind when naming the pet. Show dogs really need to have names that set them apart from competitors. The names selected by owners who intend to raise show dogs are often quite official sounding and would actually make good names for political figures!

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