The Hovawart is a breed with a strong and well-built body. It is fairly tall and has a coat that is long and straight. Its head is somewhat round and features medium size ears that extend to the side. The chest is deep, but not too broad. The chest has a profuse amount of fur. The tail, which also is heavily feathered, hangs down low near the hocks. The breed has dark facial features.


The Hovawart is a fairly easy-going breed. It has a friendly nature that it graciously extends to its family. Though it won’t show any unpleasant behavior, it is not friendly to people it doesn’t know. The breed gets along with other pets, but it is recommended that it grow up with them. The breed is a fine companion for children. The Hovawart is responsive to training, but needs a firm handler.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24-27.5 inchesMale weight: 77-100 poundsFemale height: 23-26 inchesFemale weight: 64-80 pounds

Health Problems

Health problems are typically an issue with the Hovawart. Being a large breed, all types are vulnerable to hip dysplasia.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Hovawart was bred as a guard dog and does best in environments that enable it to work in such capacities. Outdoor living conditions, such as large backyards or ranches will keep the breed content. It will do fine indoors, but handlers that keep the breed inside an apartment or other small living space should be warned that it will maintain its active nature indoors.


A family that is involved in sports or that is very active is recommended for the Hovawart. The breed has a lot of energy and enjoys participating in high impact activities. The breed will appreciate long walks or runs, but is also fond of hiking and swimming. The breed should receive exercise on a daily basis. More exercise is recommended for a Hovawart that spends time indoors.

Life Expectancy

The Hovawart typically lives 10-14 years.

Litter Size

The Hovawart has an average litter size of six puppies.


Regular brushing will keep the Hovawart coat smooth and free of tangles. The coat will require more brushing during shedding season, but not to an excessive degree since its coat only sheds an average amount of fur.


The Hovawart originated in Germany during the 13th century.




The Hovawart is typically a combination of light brown and black. Other acceptable colors of the coat include black and yellow.