New Guinea Singing Dog


The appearance of the New Guinea Singing Dog is similar to a fox. It has a moderate size head that is in proportion to its body. Its ears are set high and very pointed, although not very large. The breed’s head is triangular in shape. The muzzle is long and pointed. The breed’s body is compact and lean. There is some thickness in the neck. The back is straight. The tail is well plumed and hangs loosely at the hocks. Its coat is short and dense.


The New Guinea Singing Dog gets its name from the variation that it is able to create with its mouth. The noises that the breed makes can get loud. It is not a breed that naturally coexists with people and other dogs; however, with sufficient socialization training it can become a loving and loyal pet. Even with proper socialization training the breed may not act friendly to people it doesn’t know. The true skill of this breed is its hunting abilities. It has a good nose and ears for sensing prey.

Height and Weight

The New Guinea Singing Dog has an average height of about 14-15 inches and an average weight of about 18-30 pounds.

Health Problems

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a very healthy and vibrant breed. There are no serious health problems associated with this breed. It is a good idea to have a veteranarian examine the breed to verify it is in good health.

Ideal Living Conditions

An unsocialized New Guinea Singing Dog will not adapt well to indoor living conditions. It is a breed that enjoys the wild. Socialized types can learn to be household pets.


The New Guinea Singing Dog is naturally energetic. The breed needs a significant amount of exercise on a regular basis.

Life Expectancy

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a very healthy breed that tends to live a long life. On average the breed lives 15-20 years.

Litter Size

The New Guinea Singing Dog has an average of 4-5 puppies.


The New Guinea Singing Dog does not require a significant amount of grooming. For most types the coat maintains itself.


The New Guinea Singing Dog originates from the Island of New Guinea.




The New Guinea Singing Dog is usually a reddish color. The breed may also be a light brown or black color. Markings of white are acceptable for this breed.