Gordon Setter


Nobility is the general sense of the Gordon Setter’s appearance. The breed has a lean and moderately tall frame. The large head and extended muzzle are characteristic of the breed. It has a definite stop that finishes with a broad, black nose. The ears are long with wavy fur. Like the nose, the eyes are a dark color (usually brown). In addition to the ears, wavy fur is present on the tail, legs, and underbelly. The chest of the breed is deep.


Very few bad things can be said about the Gordon Setter. It is an excellent family pet that will display loyalty to the end. All members of its family can feel comfortable around this breed. It is friendly with just about everyone and rarely causes its family any trouble. While it will coexist peacefully with other pets in its household at any age, it tends to do better when it grows up with a pet. The breed is fine as a companion for children, but should not be left alone unsupervised with young children since it has a tendency to become overly excited.

Height and Weight

Male height: 25-27 inchesMale weight: 60-80 poundsFemale height: 23-24 inchesFemale weight: 48-70 pounds

Health Problems

Health problems are not a primary concern for the Gordon Setter. Some types may develop Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), hip dysplasia, and conditions of the eye. The digestive system of the breed is delicate. Several meals throughout the day are recommended as opposed to one large meal in the morning.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Gordon Setter can live in just about any environment, but it is usually happiest outdoors where it can be more active. Indoor living conditions are not recommended for this breed because it has a tendency to become overly excited, which could lead to property damage. If kept outdoors, a well-built fence is a must. A fence will prevent the breed from roaming away from its home, which the breed has a tendency to do.


The exercise requirement for the Gordon Setter is easily attained when the breed spends most of its time outdoors. The requirement for outdoor types is greater if they are kept in a small yard. Indoor types require a significant amount of exercise. It is a good idea to exercise indoor types several times each daily to keep them from becoming inactive. The breed loves playful activity as a form of exercise, but will also appreciate high-impact exercise such as running.

Life Expectancy

The general life expectancy of the Gordon Setter is 10-12 years.

Litter Size

Gordon Setters typically have a litter size of 8 puppies.


The only reason a professional groomer is needed to care for the Gordon Setter is to trim the coat. Other than this, the breed only requires regular brushing and bathing. More care is needed during shedding months.


Scotland is where the Gordon Setter originated.


Gun Dog


The only acceptable color for the Gordon Setter is black. Tan markings on the breed’s body are also acceptable.