German Pinscher


The German Pinscher is a breed of elegant appearance. The breed stands erect and boasts a well-built frame. It has an elongated neck that is only slightly angled. The head is long with a somewhat short stop. The ears are set high at the top of the head and are usually in the shape of the letter “V.” It has average size eyes and a large nose. Its back is level and strong. The chest is deep and wide. The front legs are positioned straight. The hindquarters are strong and balanced. The breed’s coat is one of its enduring qualities; it is smooth and shiny.


The German Pinscher is known to have a top dog mentality. It is important that this breed be trained to know its place in the home. It may be slow to respond to training, but will eventually with firm training understand that it is not in control of the household. Once the breed is taught its place, it can be an enjoyable pet. It will spend hours playing. However, it should not interact with children who are very young. The German Pinscher is very protective of its family and their property. The breed is an excellent guard dog.

Height and Weight

The German Pinscher stands 16-19 inches and weighs a maximum of 35 pounds.

Health Problems

There are no genetic health problems that specifically target the German Pinscher. However, some types are inactive and may become overweight, which can lead to health problems. If the breed becomes excessively overweight it may develop diabetes, as well as liver, joint, and immune problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

Most living conditions are acceptable for the German Pinscher. However, it will adapt better to living outdoors where it has more room to run free.


The German Pinscher has a penchant for energetic activity. It enjoys playing and interacting with its family. The breed is susceptible to becoming overweight and should have daily opportunities for exercise. The need for exercise is greatest for types that spend most of the day indoors. The breed has great stamina and can endure long runs or walks.

Life Expectancy

The German Pinscher tends to live as many as 12-14 years.

Litter Size

The German Pinscher has an average litter of 4-6 puppies.


The German Pinscher’s coat can vary from luxurious to coarse. All types require brushing, but types with a coarse coat may work better with a comb.


The German Pinscher date of origination is 16th century Germany.


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The coat of the German Pinscher is typically a solid color or a combination of color. The single color coats are brown, black, or red. Multi-colored coats are any combination of the single color with markings of the same color and white.