French Bulldog


A large, square head with a stocky build is the usual characteristics of the French Bulldog. The breed is muscular from its neck to its hindquarters. The neck angles as it extends to the back that is somewhat sloping. Thick folds if skin exist between the eyes and at the neck. The breed’s coat is smooth and close to the body. The breed has a definite stop. Its ears are very noticeable because they are set high on top of the head and are large and somewhat triangular, but rounded at the top. The eyes and nose are dark.


The French Bulldog is an enjoyable breed. It will provide its family with endless fun and devotion. Children will enjoy the breed’s playfulness. A home where the family stays aswy most of the time will not suit this breed. It must have daily interactions with people. Otherwise, it will become discontent. The breed should not have any problems with other pets. The French Bulldog is fairly easy to train, but must be somewhat stubborn. It is good with young and older children, but may be more suitable with older children.

Height and Weight

The French Bulldog is an average height of 12 inches. The breed is either small or medium size. The smaller size type weighs no more than 22 pounds. The medium size type weighs no more than 28 pounds.

Health Problems

The health problems that plague the French Bulldog most often are related to the breed’s respiratory system. It may also have problems with its eyes.

Ideal Living Conditions

There are two big concerns related to where the French Bulldog lives: temperature and proximity to family. As long as it remains in a cool environment, the breed can live just about anywhere. The good news about this breed is that it can easily adapt to indoor or outdoor living. Whether the breed is kept outdoors or indoors, it needs attention from its family. It will not do well if left in a backyard without any interaction with people.


The French Bulldog is energetic and looks forward to opportunities for play or physical exercise. The breed has stamina and can endure physical exercise for a long period of time, as long as the activity does not take place in extreme heat. During summer months it is recommended that the breed obtain exercise indoors.

Life Expectancy

The French Bulldog has a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The French Bulldog typically has 4 puppies.


The smooth and soft coat of the French Bulldog does not require a significant amount of grooming. Brushing the coat at least once each week is all that is necessary.


The French Bulldog originates from France by way of England.


Mastiff, Non-Sporting


The French Bulldog is typically a combination of colors that have a brownish-gray tone. The breed’s coat may also be intermixed with white.