Finnish Spitz


The Finnish Spitz is well known for its features, which resemble a fox. The breedтАЩs most striking resemblance to a fox is its face. It has a prominent stop that extends to a muzzle that is moderately long with a black nose. The ears are set high and pointed. The tail, which has a profuse amount of fur, is also set high and curls over its back. The dog has an erect stance that characterized by its level back and well-developed neck. The chest is broad and deep. Its coat is coarse and is more profuse at the back and neck.


The Finnish Spitz is an enjoyable breed to have as a household pet. The breed thrives in an environment where it is able to receive and give affection. It has tireless energy and devotion. It generally gets along with everyone in its household, although it may exhibit aggression toward dogs. It may act less friendly toward people who are visiting the home. The liveliness of the breed can complement that of young children. Supervision is recommended when the breed interacts with children. On the downside, the breed has a tendency to bark what appears incessantly. Training is an essential tool for correcting unnecessary barking and any other unpleasant behavior.

Height and Weight

The Finnish Spitz is an average of 15-20 inches. The breed weighs an average of 31-35 pounds.

Health Problems

Very few health problems manifest in the Finnish Spitz. The breed may develop conditions, such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and hip dysplasia that are common to most breeds.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Finnish Spitz can adapt to just about any environment, however, it is most content outdoors. A medium to large size yard works best for this breed since it tends to have a lot of energy. If the Spitz is kept indoors it must obtain sufficient exercise because it will likely become inactive.


Exercise is an important activity for any breed. The Finnish Spitz will receive plenty of exercise if it spends most of the day outdoors. Indoor types are generally more inactive and require more opportunities for exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Finnish Spitz is a generally healthy breed and has been known to live as many as 15 years. The average life expectancy for the breed is 12 years.

Litter Size

Finnish Spitz usually has 4 puppies in a litter.


Brushing the coat of the Finnish Spitz should be a regular task. The breed sheds a lot of its coat at least twice a year. The coat doesn’t shed heavily, but more brushing is required when the coat is shedding. Other grooming tasks, such as cleaning the ears and trimming any loose hairs on the toes on a regular basis is also recommended.


There are several beliefs about the origin of the Finnish Spitz.




The Finnish Spitz is generally a reddish color. White markings are acceptable on the chest and toes.