Finnish Lapphund


The Finnish Lapphund is a breed with very distinct features. Its coat is moderately long and coarse all over its well-developed body. The fur is smooth at the face and becomes more profuse at the neck, which is almost obscured by the coat. Its head is large. There is a moderate amount of space between the ears that are triangle in shape. The muzzle is long and features a nose that is dark with wide nostrils. The breed has eyes that are dark and expressive. The back is level. The breed has a deep chest. Its tail is not very long and is level with the back, but is carried high above the back.


The Finnish Lapphund has a well-balanced temperament to go with its expressive facial expression. It shows loyalty to its family and has a pleasant demeanor with other dogs that exist in its household. The breed has high energy for work, but a tendency toward being calm when not working. A Finnish Lapphund kept outside will make an excellent watchdog, as it will bark when people or dogs it doesnтАЩt not know come in close proximity to its home. However, it is not generally aggressive and is very unlikely to attack an intruder. The Finnish Lapphund is a suitable companion for children.

Height and Weight

The average height of the male Finnish Lapphund is 18-20 inches. The female Finnish Lapphund stands about 15-18 inches. The weight of the breed is about the same for male and female and is generally 26-50 pounds.

Health Problems

Health problems do not abound with the Finnish Lapphund. The breed is generally very healthy. The breed may have problems with its eyes and ears.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Finnish Lapphund is unique in that it can live just about anywhere. The breed can live outdoors in a small yard or indoors in a small apartment. Indoor types should receive more exercise since they tend to be more inactive. It enjoys being close to its family and will appreciate being indoors. It is not recommended to leave the breed outdoors with very little interaction with family or other dogs.


Exercise can easily become the highlight of the Finnish Lapphund’s day. It loves to run and can easily spend the greater part of an hour running or performing similar high-energy exercise. Sufficient exercise is actually the key to the breed being able to be content in small living conditions.

Life Expectancy

The Finnish Lapphund has a life expectancy of 9-15 years.

Litter Size

The Finnish Lapphund generally has 5 puppies in a litter.


The coat of the Finnish Lapphund is coarse and long. It should be brushed regularly. A professional groomer or an owner with similar skills should trim the breed’s coat as needed.






Black and tan is the only acceptable color combination for the Finnish Lapphund.